Thursday, December 18, 2008

Homemade Gifts!!!

My baby will be two this coming Monday. He loves to cook and play with my pots and pans. I was looking at the play kitchens and they are so over-priced. Well, being raised in Eastern Europe in a village by my great grandparents, creativity is my twin...ha-ha. I had some plastic storage shelves on hand, a metal bowl, and I just needed 4 knobs and a faucet. Well, the end result was pretty good and all of my kids went crazy over it. Here are some pictures of my creation.


Stephanie said...

very nice!

+JMJ+ said...

What a clever mom!

Your children will learn to be creative and resourceful from you.

Looking forward to what you come up with next!

2000 Venture Van said...

Wow. I am impressed. You've surpassed my ingenuity and creativity once again. (as usual) :)