Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Consecration to Mary...that is my spiritual journey, starting yesterday and ending in December. I really need the close loving hand of Mary right now. In this life so full of uncertainties, evil, and fear I need peace and beauty and joy, so who else to ask but Mary? She knows fear in a very deep level, she had to flee with her newborn babe running away to somewhere and nowhere at the same time, hoping it is towards safety. Mary also knows pain and I hope she can relate to my humanity in my fear of pain. I fear pain, I fear loss and she was in the bosom of them both right at the foot of the I guess that is where I am heading with Mary, right at the feet of my dying Savior where there is abundance of fear and pain but where His blood can reach me in the midst of it all and wash over me, wash over the fear, the pain... and make me whole again!!!

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