Saturday, September 7, 2013

Maria Bambina...this year!!

Our Maria Bambina is done for this year!! Can not wait for tomorrow to celebrate Our Blessed Mother's Birthday!!
This site has wonderful prayers, litany and a song in honor of Maria Bambina!!

Maria Bambina,our celebration a year ago!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The White Knight

One of my most beloved blogger is having a hop and skip over to her blog and enter!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Match made in heaven

We are so blessed to have so many planners out there that offer us the beauty of our faith and the practicality we need as homeschooling moms.  I have found many that I love and I also have found a match made in Heaven.  This planner is the most beautiful thing I have had to write in.  Every time I have recommended it to a friend I have heard back only sublime praises.  It is a planner that envelops you, and like a gentle friend carries you through the year.  It helps you care for your Martha duties while it makes sure that your soul is at the feet of Jesus at all times.  I flip through its pages just to indulge myself in the gentleness and loveliness of its pages, to rest my eyes in the beauty of our faith.  I am forever grateful to the publisher who in charity has shared with us this gift of planning and growing in faith through the year.  The planner softly lulls us through the year with its celebrations, joys, and solemn times.  I implore you treat yourself to this delightful planner and do be charitable and get some for friends too!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Planners and Summa Theologica

Planners have always fascinated me.  I love to think about planning.  I love to imagine how I can plan stuff.  Yet, I am the world's most disorganized person ever!!!  I think the deal with planners is either they do not offer enough, or they offer way too much and you never know where to start.  Often, when I open a planner it is like opening the Summa Theologica, except worse!  The pages just stand there looking at me and I look back and wish there was a common language between us.

Then one day I got a lovely planner in my mailbox, The Complete Catholic Planner . I opened the box and gently opened the planner.  I was preparing myself mentally and was resolved not to panic.  To my delight, as I kept flipping through the pages I found myself understanding the planner's language.  What fun I had exploring the pages!  Each student can have his or her own page with their own information including favorite colors and hobbies.  There is a year outline, term outline, attendance, reading log and a great deal more, all laid out simple and in a soft kind of manner perfect for people like me who get overwhelmed easily.  There are pages dedicated with plans of how to work on the virtues in your family.  The lovely site offers the reader a generous look inside this planner.

It has been a pleasure to flip through pages filled with simplicity and loveliness.  I find myself just opening it to peruse through the volume of loveliness.  It is a great addition to a homeschooling mom's life.  I find it so detailed that can be a great aid in keeping a portfolio for your children.  Charming and useful a winning combination.  I must say I am a planning kind of gal now!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

A great giveway...

For the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel the generous lady at Sanctus Simplicitus is offering to give away a great book on the scapular and Mary!! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Lighted Lanterns Language Arts

For the past couple of weeks I have been pleasantly losing myself between the pages of some amazing Catholic language arts.  I think from the moment I opened the box and even now I am amazed at the beauty of those books.  The children have been making circles around me wanting to open the books and look inside.  They wish to start school again!!!  The books are an amazing combination of beautiful, gentle art and the lessons flow with such gentleness that will please all Charlotte Mason devotees.  The loveliness of the art combined with great language approach and simmered in the beauty of the Catholic faith will render you breathless.  I keep flipping through the pages wishing I was a kid again.

The Reader A is a gem full of great Catholic stories and also great literature ones.  I have been lamenting the loss of beautiful Catholic art in books and schoolbooks.  I have been searching for old schoolbooks especially done in a way the Catholic Church does all things: deeply beautiful!!  Then I saw those books and I wanted to make sure they were all they looked to be.  I can honestly say that they are more than that.

There are a few cons.  How do you draw and write upon such beautiful form of language art?  I just want to laminate them or display them in a frame.  The second thing is that once you see them and have your hands on them you will want more.  I was quite happy to find out thatI was quite happy to find out that Lighted Lanterns Level B comes out this Summer and Level C in 2014!!

My 7th grader is not happy.  Once you taste beauty like this is hard to go back to doodled caricatures in your language books!!! Again, I urge all of moms who are out there shopping for language Arts program you must take a look.  The program is so gentle, yet so deep and I can tell you your kids will not only learn to write with beauty they will LOVE to write!! Cascia Books, thank you for the love and faith you spread trough your lovely books!!  I hope you can keep on blessing Catholic mothers for many years to come!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baltimore Cathecism Lesson Plans

I have been too busy lately.  The other day, I made myself some tea and sat down on the couch and picked up The Baltimore Catechism books that I got from this amazing publisher.  While I was flipping through the pages I could not believe I have had this gem for so long and not alerted the world!  The lessons plans are amazing.  They start with resolutions of living our Catholic faith in different small ways. There are poems to memorize and the children just love that.  Then there are the questions and the explanations.  I found that the way these plans are written remind me of the old times, when I used to listen to the stories of the old people by the fire.  The gentle lull of the lesson plans had me think back to a time where the beauty of our Catholic faith shone so brightly, and in so doing calming one's heart.  I can only tell you that those lesson plans are charming, well laid out, and I think they might appeal to moms with different educational approaches.  I also know that they are written in a simplicity that my soul craves at all times.  My twelve-year-old daughter can use the lesson all by herself with ease, and to tell you the truth, she has been spotted many times snuggling with the them around the house.  For me it comes down to simplicity, a style of writing that reminds me of the stories back home, and the strength with which the faith is presented.  I really encourage you to go on the Little Flowers Family Press and browse around.  You can sign up for a couple free lesson plans, too.  It is important to support Catholic publishers in these times.  So off you go and enjoy perusing around a great site.  I am sure that just looking at the lovely things she has to offer will lift your faith.